Sunday, October 17, 2004

Woof Woof refuses to correct false statements about America's enemies

On October 15, Woof Woof was interviewing Mary Matalin and Rahm Emanuel during his daily Lap Dog Biscuit earning workout.

In the interview, Mary Matalin repeated the statement of George Bush during one of the Presidential Debates that "we have wiped three-quarters of the [Al Qaeda] leadership."

Now it turns out, that CNN's own fact check organization had already debunked this statement of the President as untrue.

Ever eager to earn biscuits, the faithful Woof Woof refused to take issue with Matalin's false statement with the correct information from CNN's own site. Come on, a dog deserves a break when it's so eager to earn biscuits that he can't do the right thing.

And then, when Emanuel used one published number on job losses during the last 4 years over another number, Woof Woof was ecstatic. You could see the pace of his pant increase. My gosh, he might earn himself a second biscuit today.

So, he raced to point out that there was another employment number that he (Woof Woof) thought Emanuel should have used. (Now it turns out these employment numbers were shown on the same CNN Fact Check page that discussed the Matalin false statement.)

Our dog Woof Woof has a two biscuit day in his first appearance in this blog. Good boy, Woof Woof.

More details here.

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